The only digital communication platform for the public sector in Romania was launched in 2013. The platform is based on the concept and practice of digital diplomacy as the most visible example of the two-way communication model for sharing information, engaging with stakeholders and the general public, as well as influencing public opinion and the overall image of an institution. is addressed to communication professionals, opinion makers and leaders from the diplomatic and public sector in Romania.  The bilingual website (Romanian and English) aims to provide interesting, useful and up-to-date information, advice and guidance on techniques, opportunities and challenges of online communication for the public administration, as well as insights from around the world on how digital technologies can improve and sustain a partnership between citizens and public institutions. Hence, it offers in-depth analyses, interviews, best practice examples, international reports and announcements about relevant events on digital diplomacy and online communication.  The platform is managed by its two founders, but it features also guest blogs and comments from its partners and readers.