The Institute for Digital Government has been a partner in projects on developing communication strategies, enhancing the digital literacy of communication professionals in central institutions, reviewing the digital footprint of the Romanian public administration, and many more, with key institutions from the central and local administration in Romania.

IDG also collaborates with multiple organizations from the NGO and private sectors on innovative and niche topics, bringing the latest and most relevant technology news and case studies to diverse audiences, including:

• open data and data visualization;
• digital communication strategies;
• e-government and e-governance;
• e-citizenship and citizen journalism;
• digital diplomacy;
• EU Digital Agenda priorities, opportunities and challenges;

The Institute has a trans-national reach as well. It has established partnerships with similar organizations and experts from neighbouring countries of Romania, such as the Republic of Moldova and Serbia. These partnerships offer opportunities for joint initiatives on sharing know-how and strengthening democracy and citizen engagement through the use of new technologies, and thus contributing to the overall development of the region.

Institutional partners
Media Partners


Industry partners