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On 11th of January 2016, Bogdan Bocse launched, a non-profit project which works as a register for attendance of deputies in the Romanian Parliament.

Bogdan Bocse, a young man with experience in the business area, has already launched few interesting projects like TimeOP which was meant to resolve issues regarding productivity and distractions in the workplaces.

Bogdan’s newest project,, is developed alongside a group of young professionals and aims to bring more transparency in the Romanian political life. The first step towards raising the visibility of activity in the legislative forum is to inform the citizens about the degree of implication for each deputy. Given the fact that trust in the parliamentarians is very low in Romania, the simple attendance of deputies at work has been considered a first condition in order to prove implication and devotion for electors and for the country. offers statistics for attendance rates weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and per mandate for each deputy. Thereby any citizen who is interested may find who represents him/her in Parliament (based on his residence) and statistics regarding their deputies’ attendance rate.

What sets this platform apart from the official website of the Parliament is that statistics for each deputy presents the percentage of elements which were voted by him with YES, NO or ABSTENTION. The statistics calculated by the platform algorithm are based on accuracy and fairness of information available on the Parliament’s official website.

Data on the portal are automatically updated once every 24-48 hours and for the dynamic parts (user feedback, comments, messages and analytics), external components from Facebook and Google Analytics are used.

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