Caremob Launches To Unite People As News Breaks and Events Unfold

New social mobile platform provides a tool that empowers the masses to speak with one united voice regardless of boundaries such as location and culture.

Caremob, a social mobile app that unites people as news breaks and events unfold, was launched yesterday, January 28, exclusively on the Apple Store. Instead of posting content on existing social media, where it can splinter into a million different comments, people can now transform breaking news into global movements of peace, protest, empathy, mourning, celebration and support.

People feel like they no longer have a voice or are scared to share their opinions on social media due to the anger, shame, guilt or embarrassment thrown at them by others who don’t agree. Caremob was created as a result of the fact that we have these amazing super computers in our pockets and are hyper connected to each other, yet social media platforms are driving us further apart” said Caremob founder Steve Haase.

Using a patent-pending “one touch” technology, Caremob users hold their thumb down on one of six universal response buttons — peace, protest, empathy, celebration, support and mourning — to form virtual movements, or “Mobs” in response to breaking news and current events. As they hold their thumb down, a live global heat map replaces the news story and shows the locations of all other users uniting in response in that very moment. This one touch technology and the intentional lack of open commenting structure allows people to unite with emotion in quantifiable, visual movements rather than attack one another with words.

“For more than 40 years, we have been focused on looking at individual and collective consciousness, and more recently we’ve been turning to mobile technology to see how that interconnectedness can be measured,” said Cassandra Vieten, President and CEO of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). “The potential for an app like Caremob to unite large portions of our world as they engage around important issues is incredibly exciting and could not come at a more important time.”

Stories are currently available via RSS feeds from various news outlets, however Caremob users are also able to bring their own stories to the platform to create united movements, transforming citizen journalism into citizen activism in a brand new way.

Caremob is available to download for free in the Apple Store.

About Caremob

Caremob is a social mobile app that unites people as news breaks and events unfold. Currently available on iOS, the app uses a patent-pending “one touch” technology to help people around the world form virtual movements of peace, protest, empathy, celebration, support and mourning in response to breaking news and current events. Caremob was launched in January 2016 by Steve Haase, one of the original members of the team that built The Orchard into one of the largest digital distribution platforms for music and video in the world today.

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